Credit Cards Programs,

Cobranded prepaid card Programs



Debit Card Programs

A debit card is a plastic card linked to a financial account for usage to complete payments or purchases. It is considered a  form of cash payment, as the funds used to complete a transaction are automatically withdrawn from the financial account that the card is associated with.

Debit cards are convenient for both the customer and the merchant. Checks can be annoying to write, cumbersome to deposit and slow to clear. Debit card transactions usually clear within 24 hours. Plus, business establishments accept debit cards more often than they accept checks, and businesses generally pay less to process debit card payments than they do to process credit card payments.

Credit Card Programs

Like a debit card, a credit card is also a plastic card issued by a financial institution  to complete payments and purchases. Instead of the needed funds to complete the transaction being deducted from an associated financial institution, they are issued in the form of debt by the underlying credit card company. A card user is agreeing to pay back the borrowed funds at the associated interest rate over time.

Prepaid Card programs

prepaid credit card offers the user the same benefits as a regular credit card, but there is no inherent risk on the part of the card issuer or the user. The funds used to complete purchases with a prepaid credit card are not borrowed, but pre deposited by the card user. The card user can utilize funds available for purchases, but must refill their account to continue spending beyond the pre established spending limit.



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