Palette Knife Artist Miguel Lopez

Miguel Lopez Palette Knife painting

Creating Art with a palette Knife

Palette knives come in a variety of shapes and styles. They are usually steel blades with wooden handles. Miguel says “The better the knife, the finer the Art”.Miguel Lopez Marbella Based Palette Knife Painter

Miguel Lopez uses three main types of knives: a symmetrical knife that has a rounded tip, which is good for mixing paints, a knife that is symmetrical with a pointed tip, which can be used for details and sharp edges, and an asymmetrical knife that has a pointed tip and is diagonal on the end. The asymmetrical knife can be used to apply paint, scrape paint off (which is called “sgraffito”) and even clean excess paint off of a palette.

Miguel Lopez uses both acrylic and oil paint are appropriate for use with palette knife painting.
Oil paint straight from the tube is thick enough to work with, though stand oil can be added to make the paint easier to apply. Sand and sawdust are also materials that can be added to oil paint to make it thicker and add variety to the final textures on the surface of the painting.

There are several methods to apply paint to a canvas or board using a palette knife. Dipping the edge of a palette knife into paint and then dragging the point across the canvas will create very fine lines for edging or detailing.

Palette knives are typically used to blend paint on a palette, which creates smooth colors. For a bolder look, blend colors directly onto the canvas with a knife.

Impressionistic effects can be created with small dabs of paint applied quickly with the end of a knife. Using a knife with a pointed blade or a narrow tip to paint in light, fast strokes while overlapping color will also contribute to an impressionistic feel.

Marbella Palette knife artist Miguel LopezMiguel Lopez says “Achieving a thick texture that is rich in color, blending, building surface texture, edging, detailing and scraping off layers of paint are the main goals of palette knife painting“. Palette knife painting is used to capture and convey raw emotion,  sweeps of swirling concentrated colors applied with thickened paints continue to capture the imagination of museum-goers worldwide. Palette knife painting works best with impasto painting, or with thickened paint.

For more Paintings and ideas, visit Miguel Lopez Fine Art



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