Co-Branded Prepaid Card Programs


We work in the following areas of card program development:


We are used by a wide variety of companies in many countries such as Asia, America and Europe in order to meet the diverse needs of our clients such as:
  • Travel & Remittance card programs
  • Loan Payout applications for programs such as payday loans
  • Forex Payouts
  • Dividends & Incentives
  • Pension Payouts
  • Insurance Payouts
  • Membership Affiliation Applications
  • Gas Stations
  • Telecommunications
  • Cell Phone Companies
  • Casino Sites
  • Sport Betting Websites
  • And Many More…..

Co-Branded Prepaid Card Programs

We offer a broad range of services for our clients such as:

  • Client Logo’s & Other Unique Designs
  • Card BIN’s which are dedicated
  • Solutions for the Unbanked Client
  • White label Cardholder Interfaces which include the clients logo or URL
  • Full Online Banking With Dedicated Account
  • Full Payment Processing Integration

Customized co-branded cards are unique and designed specifically for a single business or customer. A lot of planning and designing goes into developing a customized card program. Acquiring approvals and making contracts involves a lot of legal work as well. Hallmark Prepaid is committed to provide the best to its customers. Our prepaid card programs, debit card programs and credit card programs are reasonably priced to facilitate the customers. The rates usually include initial charges, monthly charges and transaction fee.

The services that are provided by the company are not limited to designing and developing co-branded card programs. The company provides assistance to the clients in terms of program management as well. The customer can ask for help regarding the program and it shall be readily provided by the company. Management of the program includes dealing with customer complaints, marketing, monitoring the program and managing the risks that are involved. The company analyzes the needs of the business as well as the strategy and then provides the service accordingly.

Co Branded Programs


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