Cobranded Card Programs in North America

Cobranded Card Programs in North America

Silver Cards Cobranded Prepaid has developed the following programs in North America:


Programs: rewards program, cashback program, co-branded card program

Card type: credit card, prepaid card

Our clients in the United States are receiving direct benefits of installing the Rewards/Cash Back credit cards, which have allowed them a lot more than diversity in brand exposure. This is because even within Cash Back cards, there are many options that people can choose from depending on their needs and especially on their spending habits. This is a valuable flexibility primarily because of the fact that United States has credit dependent consumers and this option helps them reduce their expenses, control their interest rates and still be able to enjoy using their MasterCard or Visa deals. So if some people don’t use their credit cards all that often, they can choose cards with lower percentages and still redeem some cash. Rewards and cash back programs:  read more

Programs: foreign exchange schemes, commission payments, forex payouts program, global payments

Card type: prepaid credit card, prepaid card

Our cobranded card programs have especially gained a lot of attention amongst our Canadian customers; according to the Canadian rules and regulations, we acquire all the necessary licensing necessary to make transactions possible. Keeping in mind the amount of risk involved in foreign transactions, we also offer insurance for all online dealings and payments. The main idea behind this is to ensure that the latest security measures are installed and that all your transactions are carried out smoothly with minimum possible delays. Co Branded Card Programs

Our prepaid cards under foreign exchange schemes have also been able to gain popularity because of the low amount of fees and charges associated with it. Apart from this, the reduced cost resulting from minimal use of paper transactions and checks etc. have helped businesses in Canada to show higher revenues and lower administrative expenses. The co-branded card programs for foreign exchange companies in Canada have allowed then to develop a brand image, increasing customer base with almost zero acquisition cost. Foreign exchange schemes: Read more

Programs: e-wallet cards, co branded card program, virtual card program

Card type: credit card, co branded card, prepaid credit card, prepaid card

When the system of electronic payment becomes co-branded, the resulting union is known as a cobranded card program electronic wallet. Essentially a financial institution that is controlling an electronic wallet related server is coupled with the merchant’s website server and the user’s computer using the internet as a common medium. This electronic payment system makes use of credit card account or the debit card account of the user. Co-branded e-wallet cards: Read more



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