Dr. Panno, one of Spain’s most sought after hair transplant specialists

How would you handle losing your hair?

Dr. Panno, one of Spain’s most sought after hair transplant specialists

hair-transplant-clinic-marbellaSome people can live with baldness, but if you’re uncomfortable with your receding hairline, the realisation that you’re losing your hair can be extremely traumatic. This is when you will most likely be tempted to stock up on the latest hair restoration lotions and potions in a vain attempt to hold on to your hair for as long as possible. But is an ‘over the counter’ hair restoration product the best way to restore your crowning glory? If you want to find an effective permanent solution, the obvious route is hair transplant surgery. Don’t panic, long gone are the days when a hair transplant resulted in rows of permanent puncture wounds with a few spare tufts of hair, today’s hair transplant surgeons use new techniques to deliver natural looking results, with lifetime guarantees. The first step is to find a surgeon with the right credentials and proficient in the latest techniques. Marbella based Dr. Ezequiel Panno, founder of the Dr Panno Hair Transplant Clinic, is considered to be a pioneer in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplants, having developed an invisible micro suture technique, which is minimally invasive, very little scarring, pain free and a short recovery time. Having found your surgeon you need to trust that they will give you honest advice during your initial consultation. The cause of your hair loss or lack of severity, when measured against the Norwood hair loss classification chart, could mean that surgery isn’t the right option for you. Reputable clinics such as The Panno Clinic will have no problem quoting a final price – with no hidden extra costs. Unfortunately this isn’t always the case, and if the price of hair restoration surgery seems too good to be true, you can probably expect a nasty surprise when you receive your final bill. Of course price isn’t the only deciding factor. You should also consider experience, results and whether your surgeon is bound by the EU medical regulations and standards. Dr. Panno, is one of Spain’s most sought after hair transplant specialists with over 10 years’ experience of performing over 5,000 FUE, FUT, body hair FUE and scar revision surgeries….which suggests you need to look no further, as you will be in extremely capable hands.



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