The Best HandBag Trends 2016

The Best HandBag Trends Spring / Summer 2016


The Best HandBag Trends From the BagFashionista´s Spring 2016 Collection … Another fashion month is officially in the books, and we’re taking stock of the spring fashion season to come.

When you invest in a handbag, chances are you wear it to absolute death. Sometimes, after weeks of toting your Favorite handbag, you don’t even want to know what lies at the bottom of that Bag. From structured shapes to mixed materials, BagFashionistas bold bag trends should be embraced with open arms. Not only are they practical, but they can even take the laziest girls’ everyday jeans-and-a-tee outfit to the next level.

The 2015 runways gave way to the ultimate wish list of both old styles and fresh trends we can’t wait to try out. The new shape this season? Well, let’s just say it’s hip to be square. Even straps are getting an update, as is your grandmother’s tendency to match her dress to her purse.

it’s all about finding the right look for you! While it is so easy to gravitate towards a quick grab bag, I strongly encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and switch up your style. A slew of hues and prints can actually serve as a neutral and will work so well with so many items already hanging in your closet — but if you aren’t completely convinced, try the trend with a small cross-body bag or clutch.

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