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Hero & Header  images – Design Details

Exploring the Hero Image Trend in Web Design

The header image, the first impression into the site and pushes the user forward to explore.

Hero Images and headers for web site design

Hero images and Headers making the statement.

Although hero images are not the main focus of the website, they are aesthetically pleasing to many and brighten up the Internet. Hero images can liven up any design on a website  while creating the main style for the page.

Hero Images and headers for web site design


Lets face it, big images are cool, they make your page stand out from the rest and gives visitors the first glimpse of what your website is saying. Single page designs would be lost if it were not for the HERO, as they say an image speaks a thousand words, and that image at the head of the page with its short punchy bold headline opens the door for visitors.

large image background  where web content and functions are positioned over a photograph. The seo and content is king problem, but not so if you’re working on a site with great photography, like a fashion, portfolio, or a travel site.

Hero Images and headers for web site design


You’re nothing if a search engine can’t find you. 300 words of search friendly text content on each page. search engine visibility is a site’s lifeline. The trick here is to give up a little typography control and take your text out of your images. Use HTML and CSS to position copy where it looks good and where search engines can find it.


Large backgrounds make a very impressive visual impact on websites. A web designer has the possibility to play with different design.

Almost any website out there uses images to complement their content, so lets face it, they are big bold and really cool.




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